March 29, 2017

A little travel

We are on this mission to visit all the 50 state as a family, not just drive or stop by, but visit a point of interest.
We have visited: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. see map ---->

To add another nearby state to our list we took a day trip to Bluff Dwellers Cavern, in Noel, Missouri.

On the way back we made a pit stop at Natural Falls State Park

May 1, 2016

it's christmas

We arrived at Grandma and Papi's for Christmas Eve Celebration

Santa made it to our house! 

Elsa & Anna stopped by...

first gymnastics meet

December 2014

Second Celebration

We invited Jackie's school friends (New Haven) to Incredible Pizza.

And because she can't let Papi celebrate his birthday alone, she has to have a 3rd celebration. 

October 8, 2015

She turned FOUR

Our little strong-willed, center of attention loving, little peanut turned four... celebrating with her New Haven Angel class.

First Grade Program

Winter (11/2014)

July 27, 2015

Change your attitude

On our way home from Gymnastics Jackie said:
The sun needs to change his attitude
Why does the sun need to change his attitude?
Because he has a fire attitude