September 24, 2010

A little old

We did this little project back in August. August 27th, to be exact.

Daddy had taken Cali to the doctor earlier that day. She needed a physical for school and a booster shot. Daddy said she didn't cry when she got her shot.  He said she looked at the nurse and said "ouch, that hurt."  Dave said he wish he could of gotten it on video because her reaction was so funny. This was the first appointment I have missed and it was the first time Daddy took her to the doctor by himself.

We needed something cute and colorful to go over Cali's bed.

Everytime I do a cool project Daddy ends up doing the fun part and I always get stuck with the hard part and the cleanup.

Yes she is wearing the shirt backwards and isn't wearing pants.

This wasn't as much fun for Cali as I thought it would be. We ended up having to bribe her just to finish it. I wanted to add a little more color but this is all we could get before she was done.

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