September 27, 2010

Hot San Diego Weekend

Saturday morning we went to the Coronado Speedway Festival. It was really hot, even on the Island, the hottest weekend this year. I was miserable, I think we were all miserable.  We were only there for a couple hours. Cali kept complaining because she was hungry, hot and tired. We thought that getting her food would make her happy but it didn't because Daddy ate most of her hotdog and mommy drank the last sip of her strawberry lemonade.

I don't enjoy car races, they are just too boring too watch but I was hot and needed to sit so we watched the "Drifting Race."  I will admit that I actually enjoyed watching the race. I only got a few pictures because I don't enjoy taking pictures that I'm not going to add to our blog.

This next kid better learn to like sunglasses early own, or he/she won't fit in with our family.  I think Cali is one of the few 2-year-old that will not only wear her sunglasses but she will ask for her sunglasses.  She gets a little upset when I forget her sunglasses.

On Sunday, Cali and I went over to Carrie's house to babysit the girls. I was more than happy to go spend the hottest part of the day in their air-conditioned home. It was the easiest babysitting job ever! Mac slept for 3 of the 5 hours, Michelle slept for 2 hours and Cali slept for an hour! The best part is that Michelle slept the 2 hours that Mac and Cali were awake.  I had fun playing with these two cuties.

Cali NEVER wants to get her picture taken, but since Mac was poising she wanted to join too.

This picture would have been so cute, too bad it wasn't in focus.

And just because she's getting so big!

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