September 16, 2010

My little Photographer

She is getting pretty good a riding her bike. We don't let her ride it very long because we still haven't gotten her a helmet. I know, we are bad parents. But we never remember when we go to the store.

This next picture is so her. She is always running away from my camera.

No, the bike did not break after this, thankfully!

After the bike ride we went on a photography walk

I have been meaning to look for her camera cord. She has some really cute pictures on there.

Her hair is getting wild again. We both need to go in for a haircut, soon.

She always picks out her own outfits, most days it doesn't match but I can usually convince her to change into something more coordinating. On this day she had her mind set and would not change.

She even picks out her own accessories.

I plan on taking her to Forever21 so she can pick out some new accessories. She loves wearing necklaces and bracelets.

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  1. Ah, we never had helmets and look how good we turned out! We're still alive!