September 9, 2010

Tiny Dancer

I love having a little girl. Because I don't think a little boy would look this cute in pink leotard and pink tights. When I first told Cali that she was going to dance class she didn't seem excited. I don't think she knew what I was talking about. She didn't get excited until we went to buy her tap and ballet shoes.

Being goofy before her first class.

Sorry for the random body parts in the pictures. The reason we switched Cali to dance class is because it's the only 2 year old class that isn't a parent-and-me class, meaning--we don't have to participate, we just sit and watch. But I guess the other 2 moms didn't get the memo and they were participating.

First they did tap.  When Cali concentrates she sucks on her bottom lip.

This is so cute.

After tap they switched to ballet.  Waiting for the other 2 little girls to change their shoes.

Walking on her tip-toes

Sucking on her bottom lip

Dance class: $73
Tap Shoes: $25
Ballet Slippers: $10
Pink Leotard: $13
Pink Tights: $4
Precious Smile: Priceless!

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  1. aww so cute i did the same thing at her age i loved it. She will have a blast.