September 11, 2010

Week at Nana's

Cali had a week off from school. The school closes for a week to clean and reset for the new school year. So we did what any parents would do and sent her to grandma's house. She didn't have a good week, she had to share Nana with her cousin Aidan because his mommy was in the hospital having another baby.  Fortunately, daddy had a 4 day weekend and we were able to drive up there on Thursday night, she was so happy to see us.  We were just as happy to see her, four days is just too long.

Driving up to Los Banos. Checkout the LA smog, Dave tried to tell me that it was "dust." Yea right!

Making biscuits with Nana

She's sucking on her bottom lip.

A girl should always mow in a dress and glitter shoes.

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  1. I miss her aww can't wait to see you guys