November 3, 2010

35 weeks! EEEK!

I'm so ready to be done. This baby can come out anytime after November 14th, I have a couple photo session before then and I will be full term. At my last appointment my uterus was measuring 4 weeks behind so I  had an ultrasound last week to make  sure that everything was okay with the baby. Everything looked good, according to the ultrasound tech I will be having a small baby. Everyone I've talked to that was told they were having a small baby tends to have a normal 6lb baby. I did get to see our little gummie but I didn't get any pictures. All I know is that we are having another "Furry Murray" as our friend Nick would call it, the baby has a head full of hair, just like Cali.

Just for comparison. I was way bigger with Cali, I haven't gained as much weight either. Of course I didn't crave any white cake this time and this time I've been chasing a 2-year-old. I really haven't had that many cravings with this baby. For a couple of days I did crave Doritos with sour cream.

Ugh, I just notice that my arm looks really fat!

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  1. You look so cute!! Your lucky your not getting big! Very cute can't wait to see her :)