November 30, 2010

Day 3

When Cali was a newborn I made the mistake of only sleeping at night and well that left me with little sleep because Cali didn't like to sleep at night. This time around I learned my lesson and sleep when I'm tired, even if it means going to bed at 6PM.  I'm glad I learned my lesson because Jackie likes to eat at night, she nursed for about 5 hours last night.

And in case you were wondering, I had an unplanned natural birth. My water broke at 3:30PM on Friday. We had invited our friends over dinner because I figured that I was going to be pregnant forever, Dave had spent all day smoking ribs and making sauce for the ribs.  When I told him my water broke he thought I was joking. I finally convinced him and I finished packing my hospital bag, packed Cali's bag and Dave sadly packed dinner. We dropped Cali and the ribs off at Mike and Carrie's house and headed to the hospital. I was admitted to the hospital by 6:30PM, I was already 3cm dilated. After being poked in6 different spots by 3 different nurses my IV was finally in, I have 4 bruises on my harms. After they monitored my contractions for an hour they decided to start me on pitocin. That's when Dave went home to shower, he smelled like smoke, eat and bring our things up from the car. He was back by 9PM, while he was gone he was  gone they kept increasing my pitocin, he of course didn't bring up my camera bag. When he got back they checked me an I was 5cm dilated.

We tried to watch a movie but my contractions were becoming unbearable. When the movie was over I decided that I couldn't handle the pain. I called the nurse and asked for my epidural, unfortunately the anesthesiologist was in a surgery and there were 2 people in line before me.   At around 11PM i decided that I really couldn't take the  pain and asked for some pain medication to take the edge off, that's when things got crazy.

The only thing that pain medication do was make me drowsy for about 5 minutes, it had no effect on the pain. The contractions were about a minute apart so I had to beg my nurse to turn the pitocin down, I really did have to beg. I seriously didn't think I could do it anymore. I kept saying that I couldn't do it anymore, according to Dave it was a lot like the seen from "Knocked Up."  And that's when the anesthesiologist walked in, but of course there was no way I could sit still long enough for an epidural. He apologized for taking so long and tired to be funny. I told the nurse I had to push and she quickly checked me but I was only 6cm dilated. Fortunately, she had turned off the pitocin and I was able to catch my breath between contractions. Three contractions later and I had to push, the nurse told me to stop pushing but I couldn't. She checked me again and said that it was time. They called for the doctor and told me to stop pushing, I think I yelled at her and told her I couldn't. The doctor was in the room by the next contraction and he too told me to stop pushing, but I couldn't. I just told him to get it out! I think I pushed through 3 more contraction before the baby came out at 11:43PM on November 26, 2010. I heard her cry and had to ask what it was. The doctor was like "oh, you don't know?" That's when Dave said "it's a girl." She was a little purple when she came out, which I didn't realize at the time and after a few minutes of crying her color came back. Dave later told me has was scared when he saw her color.

We thought we had decided on names before we got to the hospital, Troy Dell/David and Briana Isabel. But after meeting her we decided that Briana didn't suit her. We thought we had at least 24 hours to decide on a name, when Cali was born we didn't have to fill out the birth certificate information until the day we got discharged. This time around the guy from records was there at 8AM the morning after Jackie was born. I had to tell him the baby didn't have a name yet, he gave me a look of disappointment told me we had until 7:30AM the next morning to pick a name. We finally settled on Jacquelyn, that was the name I had decided on before we were even pregnant, but for some reason I changed my mind halfway through the pregnancy.  After the first name was settled it was time to come up with a middle name, which was just as difficult as picking the first name.  Dave wanted it to be a family name, Cali's middle name is his grandmother's name. We settled on Merced, my first name and great-great grandmother's name.

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  1. So cute and little You should put a pic of Cali newborn and Jackie