December 31, 2010

Christmas Weekend

Dave and I are impatient people, in 2006 we stayed home for Christmas. We decided that we couldn't wait until Christmas to open our presents so we opened our present on the 23rd. I guess someone didn't like that idea and this year we had to celebrate Christmas on the 26th.

A couple weeks ago Cali brought home a cold, which she passed to daddy and Jckie. The Monday before Christmas Cali was complaining of an earache so we took both girls to the doctor. Cali's cold had turned into an ear infection and she was put on antibiotics. Jackie had a low-grade fever and a bit of a cough, she weighed 7lb 12oz. The doctor told us that we had to take her to the ER if her temperature was 100.4° or higher.

On Thursday night she had a temp of 100.2 but by 6AM on Friday her temperature was up to 101°. I got ready and took Jackie to the ER, Dave stayed home with Cali. When we got there her temp was 100.4. Because she is so young they had to run a bunch of test; blood, urine and spinal tap. She was admitted to the hospital at noon and we were informed that she had to stay a minimum of 48 hours to give her antibiotics and wait on the test results.  Later that evening she was tested she tested positive for RSV.

Pictures from the ER

After she was connected to all the monitors we realized that her  heart rate was above 200bpm which was caused by a 102° fever. They gave her Tylenol and a couple hours later her temperature and heart rate were down. We didn't get much sleep that night because they checked her every couple of hours.  Santa was there and the girls got gifts.

The next day, Christmas day, her lungs sounded a little better but they kept reminding us that infants with RSV usually get worse before they get better. Most infants get so bad that they need oxygen. Santa came back  and brought more gifts. The rest of the day and night were uneventful.

This is how we spent Christmas

On Sunday morning the first doctor showed up at 7:30AM to check Jackie's lungs. She said that her lungs sounded great and the she might be released after all her blood results came back. She said the main doctor would have to check Jackie and make the final decision. Later that morning a second doctor came to check her and said the same thing.  At 11:30 I went home to shower. While I was gone the main doctor, Dr. Anderson, checked Jackie and said her lungs sounded clear but that her urine test had tested positive for a UTI. They did an ultrasound to check bladder and kidneys to make sure that there wasn't anything wrong. Everything was fine. Dave took Cali home for a nap. Dr. Anderson came in and told us we could go home.  Jackie was discharged at 3PM. She was sent home with antibiotics and a followup appointment.

While we waited to see if Jackie was going to be released.

Jackie had one last appointment with her pediatrician on Wednesday. She has to have one more test to make sure that the UTI clears up, but that isn't for a couple of weeks.

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