February 10, 2011


This little girl is adorable. That little smile lights up my world.

I took her to the doctor, again, this week. She has a bad cough, which she got from Cali. I feel like a crazy mom rushing my kid to the doctor, but after dealing with RSV I'm not going to take any chances. Cali didn't visit the "sick" side of the clinic until she was 15 months so I know I'm not one of those crazy moms that rushes her kids to the doctor. The pediatrician at the hospital also told me not to take any chances. The  Dr. Wang said that her lungs sound clear and it's just a bad cold, for now. But if she develops a fever of 100+ to take her back. And our little chunky-money is over 11 pounds.

I love her little onsie, I like it so much that I bought the set in two sizes. And I'm thinking about going back and getting two more sets, they are on sale. I'm not crazy, I have a good reason--babies grow so fast that they only fit into outfits for a short amount of time so if you have it in several sizes they can wear that outfit longer. That's a good reason, right?

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