February 28, 2011


The girls got their ears pierced on Saturday. When we told Cali that we were taking Jackie to get her ears pierced and she said she wanted to get hers done too.

We had Cali's ears pierced first because we knew that if she saw Jackie crying she wouldn't want to do it.

Cali got to pick out her own earrings, at first she wasn't scared, but when it came time to actually piercing her ears she didn't want to do it. We had already paid for the earrings so she had to do it, I'm kidding we would never force her. Thankfully the girls piercing her ears do this all the time and knew how to calm her, they let her hold the piercing gun and after a quick inspection of the gun she was ready, or as ready as she could be.

She cried but that only lasted a couple minutes and did not want to see herself in the mirror.

Today she said that it hurt a little but that it doesn't hurt anymore. She's such a brave little girl.

Jackie cried for about a minute.

I'm glad the finally have their ears pierced.

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