March 31, 2011

Baby #2

People would always ask me if I was going to take as many pictures of my second kid as I did with Cali and I would usually respond "probably". But honestly I wasn't sure, yes I want to have as many pictures of Jackie as we have of Cali. I want to record all of Jackie's milestones, just like I did with Cali. But having two kids doesn't always allow you to do the things that you hope to do. And yes, I took thousands of pictures of Cali and if she would let me I would keep taking just as many pictures as I used to, but she doesn't want anything to do with my camera. Bribery doesn't work anymore. Therefore, Jackie has become my new victim, she can't run away from the camera and if make enough noises she will eventually look at me. So we will most-likely have thousands of pictures of Jackie too. I may get a little behind on blogging, but I always catch up.

Example: Jackie's first airplane trip

Waiting to board of first plane in San Diego. I asked Cali to get in the picture but she wouldn't.

Jackie had a blowout on her first plane ride and of course I forgot to pack an extra outfit so she had to make part of her first plane ride in her sweater and diaper.

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