April 25, 2011

Child Labor Laws?

Those don't apply to parents right?

I'm already training her to be a photographer so she can start making us some money :)

Poor Jackie has to put up with me trying new headbands. I don't think I'll make her wear this one again.

Cali is growing up and I don't like it. She is really testing us. Everything with her is a battle, she wants to know how far she can push the limits and right now not very far. The terrible threes really are terrible.

But of course the bad times come with good times. She says the sweetest things some times. She will randomly come up to me and hug me and say "you are my life."

How can you stay mad at her when she says sweet things like that.

Dave kissed me goodbye at 5AM! He went to the gym and it took me by surprise.  I decided that if I tried to go back to bed I was going to have a really hard time getting up. So here I am blogging waiting for Jackie to wake up, because she's been sleeping through the night. She actually slept most of the day yesterday. She took a 4 hour nap. After hour 3, I started constantly checking on her to make sure she was breathing.

I should work on my posture.



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