April 9, 2011

First Meal

At our doctors appointment Dr. Wang suggested we give Jackie some rice cereal.

On April 1st we gave Jackie rice cereal for the first time. She really enjoyed it. I only made a spoon full at first because that's all that they usually eat their first time. But our skinny little monkey ate that plus more.

These are the only pictures I got because there wasn't much light and I had Cali wanted to feed her so I had to keep an eye on them.

This pictures are from earlier this week.

Last night and tonight Jackie ate a lot for a little 4-month-old. She really likes the cereal.

We haven't been feeding her every night but I think we are going to do it more consistently. These pictures are from tonight.

She still can't sit on her own but as soon as she is able to sit on her own we are going to get her a high chair.

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