April 5, 2011

Flight home

It was just the girls and I on the flight home. I wasn't a rough as I expected it to be. On the second plane (Dallas to San Diego) there were other two moms with toddlers and infants (no dads), so moms fly alone all the time.

Getting checked in was a big ordeal, our itinerary said "Canadian Air," I had no idea where to checkin but we booked through Continental so we went there first. They sent us over to United on the complete opposite of the airport. When we get there they informed us that our flight was delayed which meant we had to get on another flight because we weren't going to make it in time to catch our connecting flight. United sends us over to American Airlines, right next to Continental. Good thing my parents where there to help us out, because I don't think I could carry 2 big suitcases, a car-seat, 2 backpacks, a lunch box and 2 kids by myself.

Finally, getting our stuff checked-in.

It was a really short flight from Tulsa to Dallas so I tried to keep Cali from taking a nap because the next flight was really long and I wanted her to sleep through that flight. But when we landed we taxied forever and she fell asleep for about 20 minutes. After we got off the plane we found our next flight and we got some food. Found an outlet to charge my phone so Cali could watch movies on the next flight.

One last bathroom stop before we got on the flight.

Cali ended up not napping on the last flight, it was a long 3.5 hours. But we made it home without any terrible meltdowns from either girls.


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