April 13, 2011

Swimming Round Three

This is Cali's third season of swimming lessons. Her first time she was 10 months and we did it again last summer.

I'm loving this session because it's the first time a parent isn't required to get in with them. I get to watch from behind the glass/fence and stay dry! And because classes are three days a week for three weeks. She is already enrolled in another session and I'm think I'm going to enroll her in one more spring session. She really loves to swim.

She has been letting me take pictures of her, yay, and she has been posing for the pictures. In the picture on the right she was "posing"

Her baby wanted to pose for pictures too.

Here she is waiting to jump in.

She is completely fearless of the water. That is all the pictures that I was able to get because we were soon kicked out. Parents must stay out of the pool area, I will be able to get more pictures on the last day of this session.

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