April 3, 2011

Times like this

I wish I had two monitors.

I have so many pictures from our trip to Oklahoma I don't even know where to begin.

When planned our trip during Madi's spring break so that she wouldn't have to miss school. She stayed at my parents house the entire week.I think Cali and Madi got along great for about 5 days, after that it was fighting on a daily basis.

My parents took vacation days the entire time we were there. Although I don't think my mom had much of a vacation, she spent her days cooking for us and teaching me how to cook. I'm a horrible cook (she tried to teach me when I was living at home but i refused to learn) but I think after 4 years of marriage and a weeks worth of lessons I'm finally an okay cook. Today I tried one of the recipes she taught me and it turned out really yummy.

This is what I mean about Cali not wanting to take pictures. She was mad. I'm glad Madi cooperates.

Showing off their nails that Grandma painted.

Jackie came home with a bad habit, she just wants to be held and I think I know who's fault it is...

Grandma and all he girls.

Cali understands zero spanish, I know bad mommy, but she pretends to understand. If you ask her something in spanish she always responds with a yes or no. I think that after 12 days there she understands a little bit of spanish. I have been trying to speak more spanish to her. I am speaking spanish to Jackie, hopefully she will learn spanish and teach Cali. I'm also trying to persuade my mom to take the summer off so I can send Cali so that they can teach her spanish.

And nothing makes little kids happier than over-priced ice-pops

I love Jackie's face in the next picture.

Cali playing in the backyard the day before we left, Madi was at school. And for some reason Madi didn't want to say goodbye to us, I think she had enough of Cali.

Before our trip everyone kept telling us to pack warm clothes, I had to really dig to find warm clothes, but it turns out that spring arrived the same week we did.

Nothing like an Oklahoma spring.

This is a tree in my parents tree in the backyard. It was really windy this day and the flowers were blowing off the trees, Cali kept saying it was snowing. Our poor California girl hasn't seen snow since she was 4 months old, she has no idea what snow feels like.  The only two seasons she knows is the rainy season (SoCal winter) and the dry season.

Those eyes are going to break lots of hearts.

Cali keeps asking if she can go to Madi's house, maybe one day we'll move back to Oklahoma and Cali will know what the snow feels like.

Another thing our California girl knows nothing about is thunderstorms. There were a couple storms while we were there and she was completely freaked by the "loud noises and the lights".



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