June 7, 2011

Spontaneous trip

I have been wanting to buy an iPAD ever since the iPAD 2 came out but Dave has been against it ever since I mentioned it. He keeps saying that I already have a smartphone and I don't "need" an iPAD. I do have an smartphone but that doesn't mean its mine. It's either in Cali or Dave's hands. The only time I have my phone is when I'm not home. Since Dave won't approve of my iPAD purchase I suggested we take the girls to Disneyland, he of course disagreed with that too, he says he wants to wait until the girls are older. I really do want to take Cali soon but I know Jackie would be miserable and I don't want to deal with the summer crowd. I finally gave up on those ideas and came up with one that he actually agreed to, a family trip to see the Redwoods. I have been living in California for almost 6 years and have traveled to Northern California so many times that I couldn't believe I had never seen the Redwoods.

On Friday night at around 8PM, before Memorial Day, we decided to go. We woke up Saturday morning and were at out the house before noon. We stayed at Dave's moms house that night and the following morning we went to Santa Cruz.

After lunch we headed to the Big Basin Redwood Forest.  In order to see the real big Redwoods we would have had to travel farther north, but because it was spontaneous we weren't about to go further.

The first thing we saw were the banana slugs. Those things are big.

I can't imagine the trees being any bigger. They were huge.

A small Banana slug.

You really can't see how tall they really are.

We took these girls with us, but they quit sooner than we did.  I am so glad we bought that new car because we were all able to fit in one car.

The girls had a great time, actually, we all had a great time. Jackie was giggling the entire hike, don't really know why but she was. Cali really likes hiking and exploring, it's not her first hike so we already knew that she would love it. It was our first family hike. I think we are going to do it more often. There are plenty of trails in San Diego for us to explore.

Cali loved every part of the trip.

It was a great little trip. I love making new memories with the girls.

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