July 16, 2011


Jackie's first trip to the beach was June 25th, I'm going to say that she loved it. We don't go to the beach much because the water is just too cold and I really don't like bringing the millions of souvenirs (sand) home with me. There is still sand in my backpack from that trip.

Her first tooth had popped through the day before so she was a happy little girl that day. I thought that both of her bottom teeth had popped through but I was wrong. Her bottom left tooth came in the day before and the other bottom tooth came in 3 days later. It was a long seven days. I had seriously forgotten how miserable they are when they teeth. It breaks my heart to see her in so much pain. I really do think it's best when they get multiple teeth at a time. Hopefully it will be a while before she gets more teeth.

My mom keeps telling me that we need to trim her hair so that it comes in thicker, now that I see these pictures we probably should, it doesn't look as cute as I thought it did.

I have more pictures from our trip that I will post later.

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