August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Last week our wonderful Daddy/Husband turned 27. He has officially entered his late twenties. He may be younger then me but he has more grey hair then I do, I don't have any, yet.

Poppa Roy was in town, he drove them back down.

Dave kept saying that the only thing he wanted for his birthday was Key Lime Pie from the Julian Pie Company. You can get Julian Pie Co. pies in a lot of groceries store in San Diego. But of course the Key Lime Pie is only sold at their Julian store. Poppa Roy, the girls and I made the 100 mile round trip journey to get his one and only request. It was a long trip. Jackie is at the age where that's just too long of a ride for her, the last 45 minutes were not fun.

Of course Dave said he didn't really want Key Lime Pie, he was just saying he did because he knew I wouldn't get it for him. I made sure he ate every last bite of the pie!

We meant to make him a birthday hat and cards but the trip took way longer than expected.

I wonder what he wished for.

We didn't get time to wrap his present either. Who knew it took 3 hours to and from Julian.

He's been asking for sunglasses, but I can't just pick out sunglasses for him. He has to try them on. So we got him a pack of kid sunglasses and gave him money for the sunglasses.

We had a great time at Daddy's party.








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