August 12, 2011


I have a new obsession. Gold frames. I am constantly going to thrift store in search of gold frames.

Dave and Cali are at PopPop Roy & Grandma Christina's house, it's just Jackie and I for a few days. A perk of only having one child to care for is the shopping. It is so much easier to go shopping with one little girl. I planned today's shopping trip around Jackie's nap. We have been trying so hard to keep her on a schedule and I think it's finally working. She is sleeping 11 hours during the night and taking 2--2.5 hour naps during the day. We went to the Salvation Army this afternoon. I had stopped by last week and they had the perfect kid table to go with these chairs I'm refinishing but it didn't have a price so I ended up not buying it. I also knew Dave would not be very happy with my purchase.

They were having their usual 50% off furniture sale today so we headed there in hopes of finding said little table, of course it was gone. But I did end up finding this beauty, the mirror.

Now if Dave would hurry and come home so that he can help me hang this little guy right after he goes to Home Depot to buy nails big enough to hang him.







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