September 5, 2011


This little yellow car was sitting in Dave's Dad's backyard. One day I jokingly asked if I could have the car. I was told I couldn't because it belonged to Dave's grandma. Last year his grandparents bought a new house and took the car with them. They got it repainted and his grandpa realized that it was more work then he wanted to do, so they gave it to Cali. Grandma Jewel told Cali it was hers and now whenever we mention the car she has to remind us that it's her car.

Dave is a mechanic at heart and is super excited about fixing it up, our wallet on the other hand isn't as happy. Cali is just as excited about the car as she is about helping Dave fix it up.

All of our vehicels are females, I don't really know why, they just are. So naturally this little yellow car had to be a girl too. We don't really name our cars but since Dave will be spending a lot of time with it, I decided we should name her. I was thinking Gloria, after Sofia Vergara's character in Modern Family, because Dave finds her very attractive.

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