September 25, 2011

Oh My

I think Jackie LOVES her crazy outfit.

Or maybe not

She was mad because I wouldn't let her go outside. Now that she's a pro-walker I have been letting her hangout outside while Dave works on the car, but because she didn't have any shoes on and I was busy folding laundry therefore I couldn't let her go outside. She was not very happy about that and made sure we all knew she wasn't.

When she was just a tiny little baby she was so laid back, I thought she was going to be the calm, sweet one. Boy was I wrong. She has a temper, Cali has nothing on her. She starts crying as soon as she doesn't get her way. She will be 10 months tomorrow and she's already acting like she's one. Why did she have to grow up so fast?

And she finally got another tooth, woohoo.  Her top-right tooth came in this weekend and it came in like a pro. We didn't have to give her medicine, just a Baby Orajel a couple of times.

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