September 20, 2011

Oh the troubles


Jackie is a tiny little girl, she has been since the beginning. From extra ultrasound, to make sure everything was okay because I was measuring behind. To the extra glucose testing her first 24 hours. She is still on the lower end of the scale, but if you see how much she ate you would think she was a chubby baby. I have been nursing since the beginning, unlike with Cali, nursing came easy with Jackie. She was a great nurser from the beginning and I didn't have any supply issues at first. The low supply issues came later, at around 5 months. It hasn't really been a big deal, we have been able to supplement with food, until recently. Lately, Jackie had been crying before bed every night, I could tell that she was still hungry. I have been pumping 3 times a day to have a couple extra ounces to give her during her last feeding. And it is getting annoying. I washed 8 bottles today, two days worth of pumping. It would be so much easier to buy formula but I nursed Cali for 11 months and I will do the same for Jackie, probably longer. I hope that nursing will help her get over this milk allergy sooner. I can tell that all the extra pumping is helping, I'm hoping I can stop all the extra pumping soon.
After struggling to get her to take the bottle, now she loves the extra milk.

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