November 6, 2011


Yes... we are moving. I haven't had time to  blog about it because it's all happening so quickly. We have known that Dave's time in the military would end, we thought it was going to happen at the beginning of summer, but of course nothing in the military is set in stone until it actually happens. He got the message that his paperwork was finalized by the VA at the beginning of September but then we were told we would have to wait (2-3 weeks) until the final paperwork was actually processed. Once that happened we had to wait another week to process another set of papers. And the game continued until a couple of weeks ago when we were finally able to contact the moving department. And thankfully they are the most efficient department that we have dealt with this entire process. From beginning to end it took us 10 days to get everything processed for the move. So here we are packing up once again, moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We have slowly been packing, not making much progress. Thankfully, we live in a hobbit house which has forced us to live a minimalistic lifestyle.

We were saving this box to pack, but the girls took over it and destroyed the poor box.  I am so behind on blogging, these pictures were from October 2nd!

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