November 6, 2011

October Fest

We made it to the La Mesa October fest a few times, for the food and the shopping.

The first time we went Cali had to buy some butterfly wings.

The second time around she had to buy Jackie some wings.

The last trip to October Fest was for one reason, to get her face painted. I find it really hard to say no to her. And unfortunately she knows this and takes advantage of me. I'm really not liking the 4-year-old attitude.

I think this is the last picture we have of our old TV. I died a couple of weeks ago. We have been trying to replace it, we just haven't found the right TV for the right price. We took the 32" from our bedroom and put it in the living room, it looks so tiny. But we don't NEED a second TV so until we find the right one we will continue to watch TV on our "little" TV.

We also got rid of cable.


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