November 28, 2011

She's ONE

She can say mama and daddy, she would rather climb the dressers than talk. She has a horrible temper, she immediately throws herself back if she doesn't get her way. But she is so sweet and loving. She loves to cuddle, likes to be rocked to sleep and she is still nursing.

I really wanted to get her one year pictures taken in San Diego, before we moved, because I wanted it to be warm, but things got crazy and  we never got around to taking her pictures.

On Thanksgiving Marissa went with me to try to get a couple of shots. I'm hoping for one last sunny, warm wave before winter hits so that I can take her out one more time for a few more pictures.

I love that it's raining light. And this is so her, screaming. She was screaming in 90% of time. 

She's nuts.

She's such a happy baby, I love her.

This was at the end, I'm pretty she was yelling at me telling me to go home!

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