December 4, 2011

DIY Ruffle Christmas Tree Skirt

I love, you can get some really great ideas. Most of the things I pin I will never do. But as soon as I saw this DIY no sew ruffle tree skirt I knew I had to make it.

I bought all the fabric on Black Friday from Joann's. I bough 5 yard of muslim, I only used 3 yards, it was $1.50/yard with the 50% off coupon I had. I bought a paint drop cloth at Lowe's for $5.50. For a total of $10!

I followed this tutorial. The drop cloth was 4x5 so I had to trim it to 4x4 and I used my rotary cutter to cut my strips 3" wide.

I was only able to iron my fabric and cut the strips before Jackie woke up from her nap.

And then Cali wanted me to push her on the cool rope swing that Daddy made.

She has this thing where she likes to take pictures with her eyes closed.

After a break, it took me about 3 hours to glue all the strips.


I cut the middle circle into an 8" radius, which would be the right size if we had a real tree, but it's too big for our fake tree. I should of cut a 4" radius. And I didn't use ribbon for the ties, I just cut 1" strips from the left over fabric.

Not bad for my firs Pinterest project. I also made some burlap stockings, I will post pictures of those in a couple of days.

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