December 1, 2011

Finders Keepers

Packing day... Jackie trying out all the cool things that were found while we (Dave and my dad) loaded the truck.

Cool Fox hat (mine) and Chapstick (Dave's), I actually have NO idea where that hat is now. Everything disappeared during the move. 

The black bow was also missing since the day I bought it.

Cali was in school while we packed. I figured it was probably best if she wasn't home when we were trying to pack/clean. If it wasn't for my parents I don't think we could have gotten that place emptied and cleaned. My mom spent most of the time babysitting and cleaning while I drove back-and-forth buying necessities that had already by loaded and they guys loaded the Penske truck.

My mom did such an awesome job cleaning that the professional cleaning crew we had to hire only spent half of the time cleaning that they had quoted for a house that size.

I still have all of Cali's birthday pictures to post. I will do that after my DIY post.

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