January 8, 2012

Christmas Eve

My family does it's big Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve. This was the first time we have spent Christmas with my family since Dave and I have been together.

We did a lot of eating. It was a potluck Christmas. It was my parents and bother, my mom's sister and her family, my cousin Cecilia and her family, my sister and her family, the four of us and a couple random cousin that showed up.

We did lots and lots of eating, drinking and gift opening.

Cousin Jesus and his friend

The little ones got to open their gifts first.

The pony is a gift from my parents to Jackie, but Cali claimed it.

Jackie enjoyed tearing the paper and playing with the boxes more than the actual gifts.

Cali and Madison got Kindle Fires from my parents.

"whaaaat?" Kids have the best reactions. I love it.

After a quick cleanup the kids enjoyed their awesome gifts and the grownups did their Secret Santa gift exchange.

Their imagination never seizes to amaze me.


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