January 11, 2012


Christmas was only 17 days ago, so I'm not that behind in blogging.

We had planned on having a small Christmas this year, you know with the both of us being unemployed. Somehow that didn't happen. Probably because I kept buying thing the girls needed. We didn't buy them any toys. The only toy we bought them was the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, I think.

Thankfully it was a nice sunny day so we had lots of light, light it the key when you are taking pictures. I did wakeup early to open all the blinds and curtains.

Stocking time. Cali asked for purple gloves and she was so excited. Not that she has any idea where they are now but that's not the point.

And Jackie got Oreo cookies, her favorite. I'm glad they don't contain any dairy or eggs because she loves them.

OMG! Boots and a new Baby Jill, just what she wanted. She got 3 new babies, two from my parents and one from Grandma & Grandpa Simon.

Thanks Pajama Fairy for sending the cute pjs.

And our "small" Christmas turned into a huge mess.

I got Dave a new Carhartt jacket and he didn't like it so a week later we went back to Bass Proshops to exchange it. He bought me a case for my laptop.


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