January 27, 2012

On the home front...allergies

We took Jackie to the allergist a couple weeks ago, actually the day before I start my job with the City of Tulsa. I was very pleased with our visit. Although Jackie tested positive for banana, egg white, peanuts and sesame seeds they were all mild allergies and she doesn't have any allergic reaction so the doctor said she could go back to eating those foods. I'm pretty sure she went through 10 bananas within the first week.

We still need to avoid all milk products that cause allergic reactions, but we were encouraged to give her milk products that don't cause reactions. Like pancakes and baked products.

We left with hopes that she will one day outgrow the milk allergy and with a prescription to an epinephrin pen, benadryl and a letter stating that she is to carry the prescribed items with her a all times, including airplane and school. And honestly, I have no idea where I put said letter. I meant to file it but that never happened.

We have to take her back in October, when she will be retested before she has her flu shot, flu shots contain eggs.

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