January 3, 2012


Yes, our little girl turned one well over a month ago and I'm just now getting around to posting her one year stats.

I took her to her One-Year Well Check on Dec. 19th. At her appointment she weighed 18lb 6 oz (10th percentile), was 29.625 inches long (60th percentile), and had a head circumference of 17.83 inches (50th percentile).  She has been sleeping a lot since then so I'm sure she's grown.

It was another traumatic doctor's visit for us. It started out as a normal well-check but it ended as the worst. Since it was a new pediatrician we quickly updated her on our self-diagnosed milk allergy. We had given Jackie milk that morning to make sure she was still having a reaction to milk. By the time the doctor came in to see Jackie, her red spots were already gone. But Dr. Ritter was awesome and immediately suggested a blood allergy test. Since Jackie had to have a hemoglobin test anyways, why not just get a little extra blood and do an allergy test.

After her visit with Dr. Ritter, her nurse came back and gave my little baby 3 shots. Then we walked across the hall for the dreadful blood extraction.

After we got home I posted this on Facebook --Worst doctor's visit...Jackie got pricked on both legs and arms. I just don't understand why they don't make the experience phlebotomist prick the little kids, we would have avoid the horrible digging for her veins the first two tries. It took the experienced phlebotomist one try. My poor baby is now going to have two bruised arms.

She even got a sucked in between tries to keep her from pulling. The phlebotomist kept saying that Jackie was "so strong" but honestly I think she was just young, inexperienced and nervous. She tried Jackie's left arm first and after digging for a little while she finally found her vein but didn't get enough blood for the two vials blood. She then tried her right arm but after a minute of trying to find her blood she gave up and called the more experienced phlebotomist. The older lady got her vein in the first try, no having to dig around in her arm to find the vein.

My poor little girl. At least she won't remember, I know I'm traumatized.

Please excuse the crappy cell phone pictures, my camera was at my parents' house.

Both her arms and both her legs had bandages.

At least she got a sucker out of this experience

And Cali was so such a good big sister. Trying her best to make her feel better. Look at all the stickers she gave Jackie to make her feel better.

The doctor told me that I would be about a week for her allergy results to come back, but I figured because of the holidays it might take a little while longer. Well after more than two weeks of waiting I called them this morning. The nurse said they still hadn't received the results from the lab but would call them because it had been so long. The other doctor at the clinic called me this evening while I was at the mall shopping for some new interviewing clothes. She told me to get a pen and paper to write down Jackie's allergies.

Her milk allergy was confirmed, the doctor said she had a severe milk allergy. She is also mildly allergic to peanuts, sesame seeds, egg whites and bananas. We feed Jackie eggs and bananas almost daily, that's what her normal breakfast. Eggs, peanuts and sesame seeds are common allergies, but bananas? Really? That's not a common allergy is it?

I'm going to make an appointment to get more information about allergies because I'm clueless. From the little research that I have done today, I have learned that just because she hasn't had any reactions to her mild allergies doesn't mean that she won't one day have a severe reaction. And maybe get a referral to a nutritionist because we are going to have to adjust her diet.

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