August 28, 2012


We went to hiking on a Sunday morning, August 4th, it was still super hot, I think the high for that day was 98 degrees. We had been stuck in door for weeks because of the heat and that day the morning low was in the mid 70s and we took advantage of the awesome weather.

We hit Turkey Mountain, we took the blue trail, 1.5 miles. We had a great time. The girls loved it. Jackie walked about 90% of the trail.

We even managed to get a family picture, plus Madi.

After we took that family picture Jackie wanted to take pictures, she didn't want to leave this spot, she just kept saying 'cheese.' I had to carry her.

It didn't stay cool for too long, that and we got a late start. The girls wanted a big breakfast, pancakes and all.

We got to this little area and Cali asked me to take pictures of them "modeling". Oy, what are we going to do with this girl?

We went again the following weekend, Jackie did not want to walk at all. I think she only walked about half a mile.

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