September 24, 2012

Around here

I have totally been slacking on the blogging and the picture taking department ever since we got back from California. I had originally planned on taking my laptop to work and doing my blogging during lunch, but I have started going to Yoga and Pilates during lunch so there went that idea. And life is just really busy, by the time I get home and we eat dinner it's already after six which only gives me an hour or so with the girls before we have to start bedtime routines. We try to have Jackie in bed by 7:30 and Cali in bed by 8:00, rare are the days that actually happens. Last night Jackie didn't go to bed until 10PM, tonight she is still awake and it is already after 9:00, she has been in bed since before 8 but refuses to fall asleep. After we put the girls down to bed I have to get pack Cali and I lunch and then clean up a little, after that the last thing I want to do is sit on my laptop. I have been taking a lot more pictures with my phone, so our life is always been documented, not that it's very exciting.

I don't know what is up with Cali but she does not like to go to school, I think it is probably because she has to get up so early, I wake her up at 6:30AM and it is really hard to get her out of bed. We keep trying to get her in bed by 8PM to see if that will help, but like I said earlier that doesn't happen often. Every day she ask if she can stay home from school. She never complains about school she just doesn't like getting there.

I just realized that I used the same picture twice, oh well, I'm not redoing it.


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