November 14, 2012

Potty Training

Jackie has been a breeze to potty train! She caught on really quick. We had our share of accidents on the first day but that was completely expected. On day 2 & 3 she only had 2 accidents. I'm so proud of her, she is so proud of herself, she claps and cheers for herself after the goes in the potty. I love this girl.

And the transition to toddler bed has also gone way better than expected. We spent 3 days staying in her room until she fell asleep-- make sure she wouldn't get out of her bed. Last night we read in Cali's room, said goodnight to Cali walked to Jackie's room, laid her down and she said "go mommy."  I left, shut the door, stood outside her room for a minute to make sure she stayed in bed, I was afraid to leave. I really didn't think she would stay in there, but to my surprise she didn't come out of her room until this morning. She amazes me!

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