January 16, 2013


The Thursday after Christmas I was sent home from work because I wasn't feeling well, yes I could have stayed I wasn't that sick, but because there wasn't anything pressing and my boss didn't want me getting anyone else sick he sent me home with instructions to not to return until after the new year if I was still sick. Cali also got sick. The following day I took her to the doctor, I wouldn't have normally taken her in but because there is always a chance HR could question your sick leave at work, specially around the holidays, I decided to take her in. Turns out she had the flu, thankfully she had only had the symptoms for 24 hours and we were able to get medication. She was only sick for about 5 days.

She went back to school with no signs of being sick. Until Thursday night (01.10.2012), she had a fever of 103 and because I wasn't sure if she had the flu again we kept her home from school on Friday. She kept breaking out with a fever over the weekend, nothing some Motrin and Tylenol couldn't fix, but wasn't filling sick. I couldn't figure out what was wrong I was just hoping it wasn't the flu again. 

She wakes up late Sunday night, complaining that her gums hurt, turns out her six-year molars are coming in, her first permanent teeth. My little girl isn't so little anymore. 

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