January 15, 2013

Christmas Morning

After everyone left, around 1AM, I cleaned up the living room so Santa could deliver presents. 
Jackie LOVES Buzz from Toys Story and Baby Rapunzel from Tangled, so she got a Rapunzel doll. I tried to find a plush Buzz Light Year but by the time I got around to shopping I couldn't find any. Jackie also got a Brave doll and some pajamas.
We missed placed Cali's Kindle Fire during our move back in May, I have searched high and low but have not succeeded in my quest. I know it is misplaced because no one has made any purchases from it.   We got Cali a new one, I think she loves it. Santa brought her some pajamas and a baby Jill. 
We had a nice and exhausting Christmas. Everyone, but me, took a three hour nap. I finished painting the map in the playroom. 

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