March 13, 2013

I win!

I just don't understand how kids can go without eating. I know I can't, I get lightheaded and cranky but they can go all day on 3 bites.  Last night Jackie would not eat her dinner and most of the time we just let her go to bed without eating. But not last night, she's looking too skinny. I told her we were going to sit there until she finished all her dinner and this was a battle I wasn't going to lose. I sat there for what seemed like an eternity listening to this:
She wouldn't even take ONE bite, not one tiny little bite. I knew that if I distracted her she would eat, usually letting her watch a movie on my phone works but not this time. I guess she didn't want to lose this battle either. I beg, pleaded, demanded, tried every trick in the book, nothing worked. I showed her this video, of her being dramatic. She watched it a couple of times and then took a bite, I guess it was the distraction she needed. She watched it about 20 times while if fed her. She ate every little bite. 

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