June 13, 2013

One Year

We have been living in this house for a year. I really wasn't planning on doing anything to it for a while, but the walls were so dirty and the paint was pealing and I just couldn't handle that dirty blue that made the floors look extra red any longer. 

The only windows in the bottom floor are on the east side of the house. My original plan was to paint the living/dining area white to brighten the entire place. Then I saw this picture on Pinterest and I decided I had to have a dark wall. 

And then it happened that Ace was giving a free quart of paint, so I went for it. If I didn't like the result I could repaint it. Dave was not on board, he is NEVER on board with my ideas but I knew that if I liked it he would like it too.  Turns out that I LOVE it and he liked it too. 

Originally I wanted a sparkly more modern chandelier, but because the budget didn't allow it we ended up with this. I bought it a ReStore, spray painted emerald green and added the round bulbs. I like the way it turned out. 
The chairs on the left don't belong there, they belong to my parents. We needed extra seating for Christmas and they brought them over. Then they told us they didn't want them back. One day we will return them or put them in the storage room.  
The dining chairs will either be replaced or refinished, haven't decided. We bought the table and 10 chairs on craigslist, one of the chair backs is ruined. The one thing I have decided is that we aren't doing any more home improvement or projects until August. I need a break. 

Not much has been done to the rest of the living room. Most of it has been painted.  The charcoal wall is Besalt by Ace Paint. I also painted the dresser in the same color. The light gray is Lamb by Martha Stewart, I thought it was white, turned out to be light gray. The trim is pure white, not all of the trim has been painted one day I'll finish painting it. 

The fireplace hasn't been painted either, I'll get to it. I eventually want to refinish it but until then a coat of paint will have to do. 

Child labor, yay.

I was going to take more pictures of the house but then this happened. 
She decided she wanted to model for me. 

More next time

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