July 31, 2013


We have been super busy. Dave and I took a trip to Dallas a few weekends ago, we NEEDED some In-n-Out and some IKEA in our lives. We spent way too much money, I wish we had more money to spend.
Since we bought lots of home decor stuff at IKEA, I decided it was probably time to finish painting the trim downstairs. It is a super long process when you only have 30 minutes at night to paint. 
Along with painting the trim I also decided that I need to paint the fireplace. I was thinking that I really didn't want to paint the cabinet, since we were going to eventually ripe it out. I asked Dave if it was possible to just remove the shelves. Our living room looked like this an hour later. 

Now we have to find a budget friendly way to make that wall look like this
(photoshopped picture is from when we moved in)
A random storm snapped our tree in half, we slept through the storm-see Instagram pictures on the right. 
Cali went for the Kindergarten well-check last Friday and we went camping over the weekend. More on that next time. 

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