July 11, 2013

Camping with kids

We are prepping to go on our first family camping adventure. In a couple of weeks the entire family is going to Greenleaf State Park. Cali and I are both super excited, I don't think Jackie understand, and I'm not sure how Dave feels about it.
We have started prepping for our little adventure, okay, I have started. And I think I'm going overboard. First item on the to buy list--at tent. After days of researching and review reading, I sent Dave a link to 2 possibilities;

Dave picked the Red Canyon tent because it was $20 less, they both had 4.5 stars on Amazon so we picked based on price. We got a big tent because my parents and the dogs will be camping with us. 

Since we've never taken the girls camping before we decided to give it a trial run. We camped out in the backyard.
Dave set it up by himself in about 20 minutes. 
The girls did an awesome job, they slept all night long. I woke up at 3AM wishing they would wake up so that we could go sleep inside. 
I was so ready to go sleep on my nice IKEA mattress in my air conditioned house, but no such luck. The girls slept until 6:30AM. 
We are almost ready for our first camping adventure.

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