August 25, 2013


Our baby started Kindergarten, when did we all get so old? 
The Kindergarten Talk
Lots of "we love you" & "you'll do great"
To my surprise, she woke up bright and early.
A breakfast of champions; brown sugar oatmeal and chocolate milk.
My baby getting ready 
Smooth morning, even had enough time for pictures. 
Cali attends Zarrow International, a magnet school of Tulsa Public, it is a Spanish Immersion school. To get in to the school, the kids are given a standard test and if they pass their name is thrown in a lottery, their name is pulled from a hat, not really a hat. 
Until third grade, the main teacher only speak Spanish to the kids, the lab teacher teach in English. In 3rd grade, lessons are taught in English to prep them for the State Test, that's about 30% of the time. Amazingly, the students score 90+ percentile on their State Test, even though most of what they have learned has been taught in Spanish. 
Cali doesn't speak much Spanish, she only knows a few phrases, but she understand more than she can speak. 
Drop off didn't go as planned. Tears were shed by all parties involved.
After looking at this sad face, I couldn't hold back the tears.
Goodbye hugs for little sister.
I just can't force myself to leave, I take pictures to stall. 
Sweetest face
After a long first day, I was happy to so excited to pick her up. And even more excited when I saw this happy face. 
What does a Kindergartener do after her first day? She plays on

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