August 12, 2013

oklahoma greenleaf state park

We had a blast at Greenleaf State Park.
The girls were super excited. 
The day started out foggy. The forecast called for temps in the high 80s to low 90s, we really couldn't ask for better weather in the middle of summer. 
There were lots of us, I think we had 7 tents! 
Some of us borrowed tents and had some technical issues, notice that the tent is hanging from the tree. 
There was a beach but it really wasn't much of a beach.  
It was good enough for the kids. 
It's not camping until babies are walking around naked.
 Sitting around the fire
 playing cards
 the next day

We all had a great time, we are tying to plan our next trip. We just need to pull the trigger and decide on a date. 

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